Osman Gülveren

Co-Founder / CEO, Film Director

Osman Gülveren was born on July 16, 1996, in Ankara, Turkey. He spent his childhood years in Romania, living in Galati from 2000 to 2011. During this time, he attended Ion Creanga NR.26 primary school from 2004 to 2011. In 2011, Osman returned to Turkey and continued his education at Kartal Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi, graduating in 2015.

After completing high school, Osman started studying Cinema & TV at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Gaziantep University. However, he dropped out during his second year. He then began working as a line producer assistant in an animation studio.

In 2018, Osman worked as an assistant director and writer on a national TV documentary series called “Sorry.” He traveled to war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria to make the series. After that, he worked on another documentary series called “Tales of Master Hands,” which was filmed all over Turkey.

In early 2022, Osman joined the team of the documentary series “5 Rings” as an Assistant Director. Later that year, he started his own project called “What’s Next?” and raised money for it by selling some of his photographs from Iraq as NFTs. The series was supposed to be about Afghanistan, but he changed his plans when Russia attacked Ukraine. Instead, he went to Ukraine to cover the conflict and made a documentary about it.

In July 2022, Osman launched his dream project, OUR Studio. The studio’s primary goal is to make the crowdfunding, pre-production, production, and post-production process completely autonomous, and to build a decentralized video-sharing platform to allow filmmakers to have more creative control and independence.

In 2022, Osman directed “Ghetto Orchestra,” a documentary film about two kids living in a ghetto neighborhood with the goal to become masters at playing Clarinet. The film will be released in 2023 as OUR Studio Originals.

In January 2023, Osman directed the documentary film “Alo Tevşo.” The film follows Islam, who returns to his hometown of Batman to restore the shop he inherited from his father. “Alo Tevşo” will be released in May 2023 as OUR Studio Originals.

Osman is known for his documentaries that explore complex issues in a way that’s easy for audiences to understand. He’s passionate about using film to help people understand each other better and to shine a light on important issues around the world.

Ely Beckman a.k.a Glassy

Co-Founder / Chief Culture Officer

Ely Beckman is a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader and loving father currently focused on developing a global ecosystem around web3 adoption, business incubation, and empowering a more humane and sustainable culture. Ely’s background in architecture, fashion, product management, and business development has led him to become a powerful community developer in the web3 space.

For the last several years Ely has been developing a rich global community around educating and onboarding people into the blockchain space. He is a pioneer in creating scalable models for education, and economic development using an evolving model that integrates business networks, brands, creative producers, mentors, and economic design.

Ely has spent the last decade developing brands, products, concepts, content, and world-class marketing campaigns; working closely with startups and Fortune 500 companies, including fashion houses, media firms, state governments, technology groups, fine artists, and nonprofit organizations internationally.